Ensign Motors is an official agent of BHP UK

All BHP UK ECU remaps are custom written and tuned using methods we have studied, developed & perfected. These techniques have been developed & proven on our 2000bhp rolling road, a Dynojet 224XLC. This dynamometer or rolling road allows us to examine how the vehicle engine is running as well as monitoring all engine parameters. These include: manifold absolute pressure (how much boost the turbo is producing), the vehicle’s intake air temperature, the air fuel ratio, engine oil temperature, engine coolant temperature and how much power (bhp) & torque (nm) is being developed by the engine. All these statistics allow us to modify our ECU remapping & tuning in the best possible way.

All effects during tuning the engine, are constantly monitored to ensure that we are achieving what we set out to. BHP UK’s Dyno has a built-in weather station to observe atmospheric conditions and the Dyno software compensates for climatic changes. Unlike our competitors and other ecu remapping companies, our Dyno also measures transmission losses, meaning we can’t inflate the power readings, during dyno engine tuning, by over estimating transmission losses.

Contrary to what others may tell you we have yet to see a vehicle lose 20% of its power through the transmission, 10% is a more realistic figure!!